Tuition Fee

Annual Membership Registration/Insurance

1st Child $50.00
2nd child $40.00
3rd child $30.00
4th child $20.00

Girls/Boys Gymnastic Classes, Tumbling, and Pre-School Classes

$80.00 per month due at time of registration
Sibling children prices per month 2nd Child $72.00
3rd Child $64.00
4th Child $56.00
Discounts offered Two classes per week (1 child) – 2nd class is $72 per month.

Twinklestars (please inquire about this class)

$11.00 per class paid monthly
Insurance for Twinklestars $25.00

Rising Stars

$105.00 per month

Gymnastic Competitive Team Fees (USAG and USAIGC)

If you are interested in learning the process of becoming a part of Star Bound’s competitive team, please contact the gym for further information and scheduling.